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This year, Giant Eagle Apples for the Students has an exciting contest for schools, thanks to Sprite! The Active Living Contest offers a chance to win FREE fitness packages with a total value of $60,000! Read the rules and enter today. Your school’s entry is due by March 1, 2013.

Create a 25th Anniversary Sign

The challenge is simple: create a sign/banner/flag with students from your school to celebrate Apples for the Students’ 25th anniversary. Take a picture of it and send it to us via email or Facebook.

  1. Download the informational flyer.
  2. Plan a sign/banner/flag no smaller than 22” x 24” using any material you choose.
  3. Include Apples for the Students 25th Anniversary in any manner you choose.
  4. Feature the school in any manner you choose. Some examples are to feature on the sign students or teachers or the school mascot or educational equipment obtained through the Apples for the Students program. Some schools are having students design or prepare their signs in art class or during afterschool programs.
  5. Be sure to include the school name. Include the school’s Apples for the Students ID number. That way, after the contest, you can post the sign and encourage more families to register for the program. And don’t forget to mention the Apples for the Students’ 25th anniversary!
  6. Take a photo of your submission and sent it to us via email or post to FACEBOOK on the Apples for the Students’ page. Deadline for entry is March 1, 2013.
  7. Questions? Contact us via email or phone 1-800-74APPLES (the special number for school coordinators and school personnel).
  8. Be certain to include your school’s Apples for the Students ID number with any entry.

We will post all the entries on Facebook. So find your school’s entry and “Like” it and encourage your school’s supporters to “Like” it.

View the prize packages. Five first place prizes of “Fitness Ultimate School Packages” will be awarded. Twelve second place prizes of “Fitness Platinum School Packages” will also be awarded. Sprite is donating the prizes with a total value of $60,000! So don’t delay in entering to win FREE active living equipment for your school. Enter the contest today.