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Can all types of schools use Apples for the Students?

Yes. Participants include private schools, charter schools and public schools. Apples for the Students assists institutions serving all ages from preschool to high schools. Each institution names a school coordinator.

Where can I find the school code?

Each school enrolled in the program has a unique code. Find your school's code through your school coordinator. Families and supporters need this code to register a Giant Eagle Advantage Card® and help earn educational awards for the school.

What's the point system?

Every scan or swipe of a registered Giant Eagle Advantage Card® at checkout supports Apples for the Students. Schools earn a percentage of points available based on the amount of every purchase. In 2019-2020, Giant Eagle is donating $1 million to area schools.

Do purchases made at GetGo® and other Giant Eagle® stores count?

Yes! Every purchase at Giant Eagle® , Giant Eagle Market District® , Giant Eagle Express® and GetGo® counts when the supporter scans or swipes a Giant Eagle Advantage Card® at checkout. (exclusions apply)

What's a Bonus?

Bonus! is a time period when supporters can help the school receive extra points. Watch the program Web site or Facebook for more details then share with families and supporters.

Can we add program information to our school's Web site?

Our communication toolbox includes easy-to-use information to add to your school's Web site.

What happens if a supporter signs up in the middle of a point period?

Eligible points from the beginning of the period will be added retroactively to your school's account.

How do I get updated program information if I'm a coordinator?

It's important that the school coordinator's email and other information is current in the Apples for the Students database. Most program updates will be sent by email. Please check today that your school's information is current.

Who can we talk to with other questions?

School coordinators can call 1-800-74APPLE (1-800-742-7753). We are here to help!