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Giant Eagle® is proud to offer local schools $1 million in educational awards, wellness programs and new opportunities to earn points for 2018-2019.


If you are a coordinator, sign in, update your contact info and find all the information you need for the program year. This year, we have new communication tools for you, including program information to download to your school’s Web site


If you are a supporter, check if your school participates and if your Giant Eagle Advantage Card® is registered. Then learn more about the program and help your school’s coordinator spread the word. The more supporters you help to enroll, the more points your school earns.

Here are a few quick ideas:

  • Set up an Apples for the Students table at a PTO/PTG event.
  • Set up a table at a tournament or other sports event.
  • Help supporters register or check if their Giant Eagle Advantage Card® is enrolled online.
  • Include Apples for the Students information in every school newsletter.
  • Remind families that a card might not be enrolled. It’s important to check.

Remind parents and supports to shop at Giant Eagle® and use their Giant Eagle Advantage Card® to earn points for their school.